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Nature Republic Intense Multi Ampoule Balm | Moisture Skin Care (10gm*5 bottle)

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NATURE REPUBLIC Intense Multi Ampoule Balm can strengthen the power of our skin with the various effects of each ingredient anytime, anywhere.

-Multi-care balm, suitable for various skin concerns 

- Smoother make up application and last longer

- Minimizing pore

- Improve skin glow 

- Moisture content, increase skin elasticity

- Reduce wrinkles formation

-Portable & Easy to use

 ◾️ PROPOLIS (Black)

- All-in-one care ampoule balm, which contains pure nutritional ingredients

- Multi care balm can be used on dry skin, lack of elasticity, combination skin and hair too

- It gives your skin a honey-like glows

◾️ COLLAGEN (Pink)

-  Firming and moisturizing

 - Intensive care on wrinkles around eyes, laugh lines, neck, etc

 - Made of moisture and oil ratio of 1:1

 - Improve skin elasticity and gives your skin that healthy and youthful glow

◾️ VITA-C (Yellow)

- Brightening 

- Lightening freckles

- Enhance skin radiance 

- Keep skin glowing and soft

◾️ CICA (Green)

- Calming Care

- Soothe and protect sensitive skin 

- Hydrating and reduce redness

◾️ HYALON (Blue)

 - Hydrate your skin

 - Provides refreshing moisture and cooling effect after applying on your skin

 - Creates a clear and moist glow

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