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Nature Scarlett Perfume Shampoo | Scalp and damaged hair care ( 4 IN 1 + FREE 1 HAIRPACK )

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Basic Constitution:

O.Nature Scarlett Perfume Shampoo 500ml Cotton Musk x 2 bottles + O.Nature Scarlett Perfume Shampoo 500ml Ylang Ylang x 2 bottles Free 119 No-Rinse Hair Pack 200ml 


- Scald and damaged hair care with enchanting scents

- A pH-balanced shampoo Ensures that hair cuticles stay closed, preventing moisture loss, taming frizz and reducing 

  static Prevents the scalp from producing too much oil.

- Baobab Tree Seed Extract Has the ability of absorbing and storing water and moisture. Consists 6 times more vitamin 

  C than an orange 50% more calcium than spinach

- Have anti-oxidants effect, anti-inflammatory and inhibits 5a-reductase 

- Made with 19 natural ingredient extracts for hair care 

- Does NOT contains harmful ingredients such as Sulfate, Paraben, Mineral Oil or Silicone

Selected ingredients:

- Rich Protein:



 *Wheat Protein  

 *Soy Bean protein 


 *Keratin Amino acid 

 *Rice Protein 

 *Milk Protein 

- Silk Ingredients:


 *Hydrolyzed Silk 

 *Silk Powder 

- The Tree of Life 'Baobab Seed Extract for hair moisturizing 

- Vitamin C

- 19 Natural Extract Ingredients Hair Care 

Volume: 500ml

Product Origin: KOREA

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